About Mac Chain

Mac Chain Co. Ltd. Is a leading manufacturer of welded steel chains for a variety of Industrial users. Established in 1979, Mac Chain is a family owned and operated business.

The owner operators include: Kevin McFarland - President, Andrew McFarland - Vice President, Jim Jr. McFarland - Vice President and Tom Hickey - Vice President.

Our commitment to quality is sustained through extensive research and development, rigid process control, performance testing and continuous innovation. Each chain is uniquely engineered for strength and durability given the specific set of conditions for which it was designed and produced.

Mac Chain has remained on the cutting edge of technology whether it’s through our robotic technologies or our extensive lineup of CNC equipment. We continue to supply chains able to withstand the ever increasing speeds and loads of today’s conveyor systems. Mac Chain can manufacture chain and attachments to meet your requirements, whether you are upgrading a single run or implementing a complete project.

Mac Chain Company is the leading supplier of high performance welded steel and engineering class chains for global markets servicing a diverse range of industries such as forest products, recycling systems, feed systems for power generation plants, grain processing, agriculture equipment and asphalt conveyor systems.

Mac Chain has two manufacturing plants facilities; one in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada and the other in Woodland Washington, USA with a total of over 100,000 sq. /ft. of manufacturing capacity. We have two warehouse facilities; one in Ste.-Foy, Quebec, Canada and one in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. We have both inventory and production capacity to meet all your chain requirements. Our team of specialists are ready to work with you to produce the very best product to suit your application.