1¼ IN x 2 IN x 6 IN

Industry: Car Wash Conveyor, Forest Products

Manufactured from high quality AISI/SAE 1330 grade alloy steel and heat treated to 34 – 36 Rc, our chain provides superior wear characteristics compared to regular steel long link chain. It is designed to operate over a sprocket and is mainly used in sawmills for conveying sawdust, chips and refuse. It is particularly suitable for exposure to heat such as ash conveyors.

We can supply any flight attachment required, either factory-installed or shipped loose with or without chain. Common flights are shown on pages following.

NOTE: All dimensions shown in inches unless noted otherwise. * Special order only. Not carried in stock.

Basic Specs

Part Number Average Weight per Ft. (lbs) Chain Diameter Chain Inside Width Chain Length (Pitch) Min. Breaking Load Proof Test Load
Diagram Label   A B C    
1¼ IN x 2 IN x 6 IN 13.0 1 1/4 2 6 180,000 82,000

More Specs

Part Number Max. Working Load
Diagram Label  
1¼ IN x 2 IN x 6 IN 82,000

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