Industry: Sanding Truck Conveyor, Forest Products

Combination Chain consists of malleable block links alternated with steel sidebars, which are ideal for welding on steel attachments.
*Available with Stainless Steel Rivets and Cotters

NOTE: All dimensions shown in inches unless noted otherwise. Available in Rivetted or Cottered construction

Basic Specs

Part Number Average Pitch Ultimate Strength (lbs) Sidebar Height Sidebar Thickness Pin Diameter Approx. Overall Width
Diagram Label A   B C D E
C77* 2.308 11000 7/8 0.188 0.438 2 1/8

More Specs

Part Number Length of Bearing Max. Sprocket Thickness Barrel O.D. Links per Foot Average Weight per Ft. (lbs)
Diagram Label F G H    
C77* 1 1/4 3/4 3/4 5.200 3.000

*Available with Stainless Steel Rivets and Cotters