Industry: Forest Products

Mac High speed DLI Scanner Chains are designed for rigged; abrasive and demanding sawmill applications. The DLI design offers thru hardened pin and heavier roller links and plates to increase the overall tensile strength.

NOTE: All dimensions shown in inches unless otherwise noted.

Basic Specs

Part Number Average Pitch Ultimate Strength (lbs) Sidebar Height Outer Sidebar Thickness Pin Diameter Max. Overall Width
Diagram Label A   B C D E
MRB2512 3.067 110,000 2 1/4 3/8 0.750 3 7/8

More Specs

Part Number Length of Bearing Max. Sprocket Thickness Links per Foot Average Weight per Ft. (lbs) Roller Diameter
Diagram Label G       H
MRB2512 2.328 1 1/4" 3.9 12.8 1.629

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