Industry: Mobile Wood Waste Recycling, Forest Products

Using select grade alloy steels these heavy duty chains are manufactured in North America to high standards. Our unique barrel forming process ensures consistent quality, reducing potential rivet wear and providing high strength and long service life.

The Super Mac series chain features a formed barrel of heavy wall tubing for severe applications, ideal for extra heavy loads associated with hog conveyors or "Load" chip dumping.

All heat treating and attachment options are available, as well as reverse barrel design.

NOTE: All dimensions shown in inches unless noted otherwise. *WDH denotes Heat-Treated

Basic Specs

Part Number Average Pitch Ultimate Strength (lbs) WH* Ultimate Strength (lbs) Sidebar Height Sidebar Thickness Pin Diameter
Diagram Label A     B C D
WD120XHDSM 6.000 125,000 150,000 2.000 5/8 1.000

More Specs

Part Number Approx. Overall Width Length of Bearing Max. Sprocket Thickness Links per Foot Average Weight per Ft. (lbs)
Diagram Label E F G    
WD120XHDSM 12 3/4 10 1/2 8 3/4 2.000 24.000

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