Technically The Best For Two Strong Reasons

Special Applications

DF3500 Double Flex Chain

Mac DF3500 Double Flex Chain is designed to flex laterally at two planes allowing it to travel around corners and obstacles. This chain is ideal for a wide variety of applications in the material handling industry.

  • Manufactured to Mac Chain specifications to provide economy, quality and reliability
  • Meets or exceeds industry standards providing a strong, long-lasting in-floor conveyor
  • Induction-hardened wear surfaces for the ultimate in wear resistance

Welded Steel Waste Water Chain

Class 700 Welded Steel Chain is generally used in waste water and sewage treatment plants. Manufactured in North America using a select grade of alloy steel, these chains offer greater strength and wearability over their cast counterparts.

  • Easy attachment weldability
  • All pins are through-hardened
  • Fully heat-treated components available upon request

Paver Chains

  • Engineered for reliability with a commitment to quality
  • Interchangeable for most equipment manufacturers using 3.075 inch pitch asphalt chains with crossbars
  • Attachment is integrally cast into the sidebar for increased service life

High Speed DLI-Scanner Chain

These DLI/Scanner chains come in three profiles—stepped, V and V Guide. Also check for straight or offset sidebars.